12.02.2010 from the studio!..

my studio mate nina...she is quite the talent.

tin ceiling full of stars

the pinky tree

my unfurl piece...waiting to be finished.

loving the newness

the new digs.

love how our spaces meld.


Cathy Bueti said...

Hi Kelly! I found you via Kelly Berkey and I am so happy I did! Love your work! Pink is my fav color. . . love the tree!! Looking forward to following you! :)

Gloria said...

Kelly, its looking pretty amazing over by you..I am glad to see all is well and I love your work its so fem...LOL G

BonnieRose said...

your studio is amazing.. love the pink... and all the space... so so envious... hugs xo

Jennifer said...

totally loving this space! can i come there and play with you?


Swirly said...

Looks amazing!!

K8 said...

so excited for you and your new studio! yippee!