seek the journey

seek the journey. 2010

seek the journey the shop.

seek the journey is one of my favorite paintings so far.
it was one of those pieces that i started, painted over
different areas and just began building up those layers.

and as those layers did my thoughts and
i knew where i wanted to take it. deep within each of
us is the elephant....strong, brave, nuturing and the protector.
i have felt it as a child, a sister and a mother. it is where we all
pull our daily strength

so with that....the seek the journey original is now in the shop. and
through the month of december - no shipping! i will wrap it ups
gently and send her your way. she is so bold and colorful. and to
carry on that new seek the journey lockets. they
include a little fortune inside each one. a simple reminder you
can carry with you each day.



BonnieRose said...

beautiful painting.. wow!

kelly barton art + design said...

thank you miss bonnie!

elizabeth said...

You know this is my favorite. I shall start saving; though if someone takes her home in the meantime, I will be most happy for them. :)

Karen D said...

Wow that is one great painting.. been following you through our fellow squammies.. love your work, I just pinned one of you tshirts on my pininters board.
I also have a great affinty for elephants since childhood.

Karen D