happy mail

Sharing her heart she healed.

handmade package by bonnie rose

mystic heart

live peace necklace.

the whole fricken stash.

monday was a happy mail day.

1. mystic heart and sharing her heart she healed. by
the so very talented juliette crane. i am so happy that
i finally have a little bit of her love for my walls.

2. i finally found some puncherilla to use with my spray paints. i fell
in love with this in mccabe's class and have been looking everywhere
for it. bonnie rose sent me several sizes - you can find it in her shop.
she also sent me funky paper blooms. so cute and fun. i am thinking
about using them in a garland!

3. and new all buttoned up necklace. handmade and inspired
by my live piece original. amy's necklaces are so much fun. if you happen
to fall deeply in love with amys wares, i can hook you up.
and when she finally gets my art on her arm - dont' you worry your pretty
little heads - i will be sure to show it off. i know she will be!

i love happy mail.


BonnieRose said...

U are such a rock star... and omg.. Love all your art.. I love Juliette's artwork too.. she is so lovely.. and that necklace.. aaaaah.. So happy I could make your happy mail day a little brighter.. isn't the punchanella just so gosh darn fun?? Love you xo thks for the shout out... U are loved.
xo bonnierose

Sam said...

So amazing! I love happy mail too. Hey, does Amy (Tingle) have a shop yet?

Amy said...

OH HAPPY DAY! thank you for showing off the necklace and for giving me kudos (even though i'm still the laziest creator on the planet and don't have a shop, i appreciate the props and the inspiration) And you are right, I'll be showing off my tattoo as soon as i screw up the courage to go get it inked! love ya, girl!

Juliette Crane said...

you are so sweet for taking the time to photograph everything! i am so happy you loved it all!

happy holidays to you!