things of my everyday.

my bag from kendra

my little alters with carla's candles

my 2 orangyporangy skirts

creative books...a new fav.

a daily dose of kind

my days are filled with many
things, but here are five that
right now, in this moment
get me through, inspire me
and bring me peace.

1. handbags for healing bag...i have 2
messengers, 3 purses and 4 pockets.
oh and two of her "favorite things.

2. zena moon candles are the best.
carla is an amazing soul and her candles
are gentle reminders of what we need
in our lives. i have little alters throughout
the house and each has one of these candles
liz introduced me to these...they make
my house happy.

. orangy porangy...natalie makes the
best skirts. i was so worried about the
fit, especially with the poly, but they fit
perfectly and dont' show my imperfections
miss jen gray swore by these skirts....she
was so right!

4. liz lamoreux....inner excavations.
this book means the world to me for many
reasons. i have sat with liz over the past
few years and have learned so much about
myself and other women. i am blessed to
call her my friend. this full of good.
i will have more on this journey soon.

5. if you haven't been over here....then
please go check it out. kind over matter
rocks, in my book. i am now a sponsor
because i believe in what they are putting

what are yours...come on tell
me - it is fun to share.

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BonnieRose said...

I love your list, we are so on the same page.... those candles sound divine.. and that book.. it's on my wish list.. heard it was fab! hugs