hipsta dig it. original

christmas cheer

mcdonalds cup

i finally broke down and went with an iphone. after
4 months of no phone. i am excited about what i will
be able to do with some of the apps. the hipstamatic
has been so fun. honestly i have barely taken any
pics with my cameras of late. i have been feeling
rather elementary with photography attempts, my rebel is
refusing to load on either of my computers. i have about 3
months of images on there that i can't work with. so the
hipstamatic apps has made things fun again.
the trick for me is not to be pulled to the darkside
with constant texting, answering while having company
or at dinner. fingers crossed i will stay over here.
because i hate that crap.
so what are some other fun apps


BonnieRose said...

an iphone how fun!
I hv a blackberry.. simple but good enuf for me... have fun with it!
I use my point and shoot kodak easyshare for most of my photos.. love the pic quality!
Hugs to you.. hope your christmas was great! hugs

Kolleen said...

oh come to the dark side my friend....come on ovah!!! ;)

i haven't tried many of the apps but i LOVE that i can have pandora with me always!!!