views from a show

earth house - lockerbie - indianapolis, indiana
[apologies for the blurry images. i am not rocking the camera right now.]

saturday was spent at my last holiday show of the season. this is
my first year of shuffling my wares at multiple holiday shows. i can't
say it was a successful season, but what i am grabbing a hold is, the
warm faces, the caring and kind words spoken about my work and
all the fun chats. i love getting to talk about
the be present
and squam. these have been true gifts in my life. they have
opened up my world both creatively and spiritually. each one has
presented something that i have deeply needed. and to be able to
tell young women who are searching, to show them the books - it makes me
stand taller, smile and breath deeply. so deeply sometimes i release
the sigh that is a beautiful release. and with that release, each of
my scarf sisters, each chick who sat on the dock and read tarot cards
with me, who created next to me in a class or took a picture of me
whether i loved it or hated it, all those who wear my baubles
throughout this world - each one enters my thoughts, as a smile
shines across my face. i call that happy pride. yep i surely do.

i have been a bit bummed about the shows, the lack of sales
but as i sit here the gifts have been presented. the ownership
is known. talking with two who i lean on - i have been reminded
of the path i am on - and so i walk on.

i am a lucky girl. so thanks a bunch - you. and you too.


BonnieRose said...

As artists, I think we all yearn to be more appreciated.. Know this.. you already are.. xo

Liz said...

you are SO going for it, and that is the biggest piece of this whole ride... love you x

Lisa G said...

I appreciate the beauty you pour into the world through your art.

I'm comforted by your words here and on FB. Can't put my finger on it but there is something in you that resonates with me and I'm glad to have connected with you in this way.

K8 said...

ooh, I like that: happy pride
I am just happy thankful that you shared that thought. :)

That sucks that you were a bit bummed by the sales - but maybe the universe is telling you that you're bigger than that. I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE craft fairs/shows - and actually aspire to show my wares at one one day - but your stuff to me is BIG TIME. I just have this feeling...cause your art is amazing.

sara b. said...

dearest Kelly,
it has taken me awhile to find the time to write to you, but i finally found my way to your blog. i saw this post and it made my heart hurt a little. and i just need to tell you that though you may not have had great sales at the show, you truly touched and inspired someone: me! it was such a JOY to meet you and your energy sincerely affected me. i felt goosebumps and butterflies just listening to you talk about your adventures to Squam and your time on the west coast. i could have hugged you! i didn't know about the show until i stopped at the farmers market that morning, and i was going to just skip it, but something told me i was supposed to go - and maybe it was because the universe wanted me to meet you, so you could give me a gift: hope! you made me dream and hope that day... and it had been awhile since i felt like doing that. you seem like such an amazing woman. i have a feeling you are right where you need to be! i am looking forward to the day we cross paths again.