training wheels and some grace.

spring and summer shine in my kitchen

It's not real, kelly.
It's not now.
You're not here.
And nothing matters for the reasons you think.
Yet in spite of all this, there's order, you're learning,
and everyone is having the time of their life.

Talk about training wheels,
The Universe

love me some universe. this past may, my two girls
tracey and sarah came to stay with me. tracey had
scheduled a "universe" workshop with mike dooley.
sarah and i hit the broadripple art fair after we
dropped her off downtown...promising to pick
her up later in the afternoon.

once we were done hopping around the art festival
and slurping down some delicious smoothies from
the monon coffee shop we headed back downtown
to pick up the girl with golden glow all around her.

i just remember driving us all back to the land of
corn and listening to tracey talk to us about the
workshop. she was so full of energy and life. it
was catching.

so for me...the universe coming to my inbox each
day has been a gentle reminder that goodness does
exist, that we need a little love each day and
sometimes some grace.

i have to say i am one that many days focuses on
that half empty glass. i don't like to admit that,
but i know that i am not the only one and i do
try to change this.

last nite before heading to bed. i took one more
lap on fb and i found this from a girl named amy.
it really took me home. so i have rubbed her shoulder
and i am hoping a little grace has rubbed off today
for my grace fix. tomorrow i will try going it alone.

todays forecast is a little painting with a chance of
more goodness in the shop and my world.

peace and grace for you today.


Bonita Rose said...

I have the same plans for today.
More painting.. more goodness...
all good. xo

Liz said...

mmm. I'm imagining my girl Kelly painting and then doing up some baubles, and loving her new studio... oh and eating soup for lunch xxx

Kolleen said...

i will take that peace and grace....thank you very much!!!!

sending a squeeze to you my friend!